Berkeley Group


What your target audiences read and hear about you is key to the development of their buyer behaviour, but just as important is what they see in the visual medium.

Berkeley Group has over 30 years of experience in the graphic arts, advertising and production environment, and provides a somewhat unique integration of strategic planning with visual communication.

Providing a wide range of graphic design services for sales literature, report & accounts and corporate literature, with all the support services such as copy writing and photography production available in-house, the company is able to fully manage the message making of all visual material. The company also provides a range of corporate identity and management services to ensure that the brand and your company’s brand value represents perfectly the objectives expressed in the business plan.

The company has a full studio facility and a full range of medium format (Hasselblad) and large format (Sinar) equipment available for location photography in the UK and Europe, including high-end electronic lighting for large location requirements.

In addition, and to support the events often required to communicate to target audiences, we will design and produce a wide range of display material, large and small, for each presentation, press conference, sales meeting or training session. All in all, a fully integrated design and production service.

  1. Graphic design services
  2. Brochure & sales literature
  3. Brand identity, definition & development
  4. Exhibition display design & production
  5. Studio & location photography