Berkeley Group


All organisations communicate, whether they like it or not.  Those with a “no comment” mentality communicate by default, allowing others to define their reputation and thereby losing control of it.

By contrast, successful organisations take the initiative, and for them we have developed a methodology that puts modern communication disciplines to work in pursuit of challenging objectives.

We begin by analysing the big picture – your organisation’s business, ambitions, audiences and operating environment.  What exactly do you offer? Who do you need to reach, and what exactly are your objectives? How should we measure progress?

From this we derive the strategic model underpinning your programme, and set clear objectives, which we aim to achieve by drawing on a wide range of communication techniques. With business communication solutions your programme is unique, focused on your objectives supported by a clear strategy, all rigorously managed to deliver measurable results. You should have substantial demands upon your business communications. Berkeley Group will deliver results to meet those demands.

  1. Change management               
  2. Community relations
  3. Crisis management
  4. Internal communications
  5. Investor communications
  6. Media relations
  7. Media training
  8. Multimedia