Berkeley Group


Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts and rules, or the changing of attitudes and behavior to enhance the performance of employees.

In developing the strategy for success for each of its clients, Berkeley Group with its long history of training success, is a natural provider of key aspects of sales development and presentation skills training, delivered in your environment, or provided at external locations.

From the early stages of market research and the development of strategic planning, the company is beginning the important journey of assessing the necessary and existing skills of its client to enable the successful accomplishment of the business plan.

This journey continues through the communications programme and develops into any required recruitment programme, ensuring a full integration of knowledge and understanding by the consultancy at every level.

The achievement of training for business success is a process of understanding the business environment and its needs, addressing and meeting changes and challenges and delivery of the process of learning and implementation.

With each candidate having achieved the key learning process, we will work closely with key individuals attending business meetings and sales opportunities to “fine-tune” newly learned skills.

  1. Personnel assessment
  2. Programme development
  3. Sales & relationship management training
  4. Presentation skills training
  5. Training delivery in-house
  6. Training delivery - external locations within Europe
  7. In-the-field sales training in client environments
  8. Group training sessions with full support services