Berkeley Group


Selling a company may be the culmination of a lifetime‚Äôs career, or simply the right time to take advantage of crystallising a share holding.  In any case its value goes far beyond that of financial, and we will work with you to structure a deal that not only satisfies your needs, but will also meet your personal expectations, without compromise.

Through our own highly developed network, combined with a range of advisory and influential organisations, we can match buyer with seller to bring about a win-win situation that satisfies all parties. This process begins well ahead of the business coming to market and we have the experience to position the desirability of your company or holding for maximum potential, reaching regional, national and international targets
at all levels.


Growth via acquisition can only be positive if all parts of the organisation are compatible, receptive and everyone buys into the journey. The delicate process of beginning the relationship with the target business, and the sensitive and often emotive discussion regarding an acquisition, must be managed with care and precision. At this very early stage it is most important that the dialogue is developed at exactly the right pace and the seller does not feel any degree of pressure.

Striking the right balance between the sometimes urgent needs of the buyer, with the pace for success with the seller can be a very difficult one to achieve, requiring patience and detailed management. We are well experienced in this journey and will ensure that the process is managed professionally and is geared for complete success.