Berkeley Group


Good relationships with potential and existing customers are pivotal in every successful business transaction, and to support the development of these relationships Berkeley Group provides a range of creative event management services. These events may be delivered in your own business location utilising existing facilities and at the same time allowing guests to see parts of the production or management facilities available, or alternatively delivered in external locations such as hotels, stately homes, conference centres and outdoor locations.

We will provide a full range of support services including venue identification, planning and speech writing, attendance and delivery of the event, providing high quality food and wines, hosting and support, photography on the day, and all visual, display and support material.

As always, the event will integrate into the strategic plan of the business and deliver against highly targeted objectives. The event may be a simple 2 + 2 luncheon meeting, a presentation for 20 executives, a major press conference to support the media relations programme or an in-house training event to upgrade existing skills or develop new ones. In addition, as part of our new business & sales targeting services, the company may develop a low-key event to take the potential in these new relationships to the next level.

  1. Press & sales conferences
  2. Selling seminars
  3. Press conferences
  4. Sales meetings & presentation
  5. Support staffing & provision of food & wine
  6. Host services