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A Management Buy Out (MBO) is a means of acquisition by an existing management team to achieve commercial growth, change and development of the business within which they are employed.  Increasingly commonplace, nevertheless an MBO can be complex and intricately difficult to complete efficiently, economically and professionally.   We have the expertise to guide you through this process enabling you and your management team to communicate its intentions, commitment and aspirations accurately and within the agreed timetable in order to successfully acquire the target business.


A Management Buy In (MBI) occurs when a manager or a management team from outside the company raises the necessary finance and upon acquisition becomes the company's new management. A management buy-in team often competes with other purchasers in the bid for the business. We would expect the team to be led by a manager with significant experience at Chief Executive Officer level.
The difference to a management buy out is in the position of the purchaser: in the case of a buy out, they are often managers and directors within the company. In the case of a buy in however, the manager or management team is, in the main, from another environment.

Each identified opportunity must be seized upon, often in a short time frame, but within a “risk-assessed” process.  We will guide you in careful but dynamic manner to achieve your corporate objectives and complete a financially balanced MBI.