Berkeley Group


The acquisition of new clients, particularly in high spend environments, requires careful research and analysis to ensure that the target client is well defined and already has high potential.

Berkeley Group has added to the traditional methods of targeting new business, such as direct marketing, direct mail and traditional sales calling, and developed a far more sophisticated and highly targeted network approach.

We research precisely the potential client profile, company or individual, and work carefully to ensure that we begin the process of developing on behalf of our clients a long term relationship with the target, built on trust and integrity. Using a variety of methods we begin the process of “relationship build” which is carried out in environments least likely to procure negative response, in order to make the process of sales development a natural journey.

We have developed a uniquely creative structure to our targeting which ensures an extraordinarily high degree of precision in identifying and successfully winning new business opportunities for our clients. We have found a number of social environments where targeting high net worth individuals is enhanced and subsequently excellent relationships develop.

Berkeley Group have a track record of excellence in this discipline that is based upon a consistent endeavour to build long term, personal relationships that deliver a natural and committed attitude from clients.

  • Network identification
  • Network development
  • Precision targeting of potential new clients
  • Relationship management
  • Sales development.