Berkeley Group


The quality of personnel is the lifeblood of every organisation, and Berkeley Group has recognised the importance of selecting the right individuals who are able to deliver against sometimes demanding business objectives.

We are not a conventional recruitment agency, and do not operate in the mould of the typical selection approach. The company, through its intimate understanding of the business plan of its client, is able to carefully determine the profile of key individuals to ensure that the necessary skills set and experience is clearly identified.

Having created an accurate profile, we then utilise a wide network of business, commercial, professional and government contacts to identify potential personnel.

Invariably these individuals are not seeking new employment, and therefore the approach may need to be made over a period of time through a subtle series of discussions, sometimes employing the help of a variety of contacts in related sectors.

The process of briefing, opening the subject of an employment move and moving to the hard negotiation around terms of employment, invariably requires a relaxed and informal approach
to ensure success, often over a coffee or lunch meeting.

In all recruitment cases, Berkeley Group will target carefully and precisely to ensure that the selection process is successful and highly credible at every level.

  • Confidential targeting
  • Headhunting & primary contact establishment
  • Skills set profile analysis
  • Targeting meetings and negotiation
  • Training needs analysis